Seasonal Activities


The Ovens and Buckland and other local rivers offer various conditions and scenic wonderment for water lovers.

Local operators can take you on a short trip down part of the calmer but interesting sections of the river or give you a day of instruction and excitement on a more challenging part.

In the warmer months canoeing and kayaking tours are available, but need to be booked in advance.

5 Star Adventure Kayaking Tours


Casbak has the largest private swimming pool in Harrietville.

It is positioned at the foot of the property where the comforting sound of the bubbling West Ovens River lulls your senses along with an awesome view of the manicured river flats and backdrop of European trees and Gums.

Casbak is hemmed in by the West Ovens River which has various areas to create your own fun. Guests often built rock ponds or swim in the deeper waters or just float down river on a lilo.

Harrietville has a wonderful cache of freshwater swimming holes.

The Tronoh Dredge Hole is a manmade lake where the 'Tronoh' gold digging dredge was dismantled. It is around 100 meters in diameter and is fed by a small mountain stream. 'The Dredge Hole' as the locals affectionately call it, has a depth of up to 40 meters at its deepest point.

There is the large pontoon which freely floats on the Lake and swimmers often dive off or compete in creating the biggest 'Bomb'. There is also a small cliff over to one side where kids and BIG kids alike, test their mettle and jump off.

The area has grassy banks and picnic tables and a beautiful walking track around it, perfect for an afternoon of summer fun. There are also the 'Clay Pots', pristine river ponds of the East Ovens River, located around 400 meters along the Bon Accord track.


Paragliding is one those activities you will simply NEVER forget.

Nestled safely in harness you are accompanied by a professional paraglider with thousands of hours of flying under their belt you will experience one of the most breathtaking moments of your life. Stepping off the earth's edge and flying like an eagle – WOW!

Harrietville Blue Berry Farm

Open from mid December through to mid February.

We offer the sweetest, most succulent berries, and for $7.00 k/g you can pick them to your tummy's content.

We operate on an honesty system so having the correct change would help.

Address: Feather Top Track, Harrietville, Vic, 3741
Telephone: (03) 5759 2797