While the river valleys and nearby lookouts have created many idyllic walks, sometimes you just want to get up there in the clear mountain air and enjoy the panorama of valleys spread out below you. Harrietville is at the base of 2 famous mountain hikes.


THE BUNGALOW SPUR is a challenging 10km hike which ultimately leads to Federation Hut where campers bed down and day trippers rest for a while. A little further on is Mt Feathertop's RAZORBACK.


It is another 8 km's along the Razorback to get to the Diamamtina Hut, which is by the Great Alpine Road and not far from Mt Hotham Village. Many of our hikers get picked up or dropped off from this point and make a day of hiking up or down the mountain.


NORTHWEST SPUR is another interesting track which starts off by the Mountain Fresh Trout Farm and links up with the BUNGALOW SPUR or on to the RAZORBACK.


BON ACCORD TRACK sets off along the East Ovens River and winds its way around the mountain sides. There is a camping spot around 5km into the walk from Harrietville. The hike is 11.5kms to the Diamantina Hut. It is advised that all hikers be prepared for harsh and cold conditions all year round. Ample water and food supplies and warm clothing are mandatory.

For information Contact Parks Victoria on 13 19 63 or visit www.parkweb.vic.gov.au