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 Let Us Spoil You

Harrietville is a unique environment - no question!

Its individuality is in the strength of its seasonal personalities and the touch each has on the human spirit.

Casbak is where the soul is!

  • Are you itching to get away from your busy life?
  • Do you crave FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR?
  • Do you need a restful environment to collect your thoughts and reflect?
  • Do you love to bust your lungs and burn your muscles as your choice of R & R?

If so you have come to the right place. At Casbak we can offer you all of the above.

Our property has a wonderful ambience of lush pristine purity with the sound of the bubbling river and the emerald entrapment of countless European trees, Casbak leaves a lasting impression on all of our guests.

You may while away your days of rest, reading a good book in a pocket of warm sunshine by the river with your favourite tipple – OR

You can slog out the lung buster ride to Hotham on your road bike, mountain bike through some rugged back tracks or hike up – and down our famous hikes to Mounts Hotham and Feathertop.

Winter Activities ..

Blue skies, distant white slopes and spectacular views are hallmarks of the Harrietville and the course of 'The Great Alpine Road' through winter ... Winter


Spring Activities ..

The sweet smell of the bush engages your senses all year round but during the Spring, it is a renewed and delightful assault. Spring

Summer Activities ..

Summer in Harrietville is seriously rejuvenating. This is definitely one of the peak times to visit ... Summer

Autumn Activities ..

Harrietville bids fair-well to its glorious summer in the most spectacular parade of colour. It paints the landscape in brilliant reds, browns and golds, as though granting the valley one last glimpse of vibrant warmth, through colour, before winter sets in ... Autumn

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